Antelope Canyon


Last November we decided we were tired of looking at amazing photos from Antelope Canyon. We wanted to take our own! So, as it’s tradition for us to travel during Thanksgiving, we packed up and headed south to experience the wonder of this slot canyon. And a wonder it was! This was, without a doubt, one of the coolest things I’ve ever done in all my life!

We stayed in Page Arizona. Cute little town. Not much going on, but the drive from Salt Lake wasn’t horrible looking. At least, we don’t think it was. Boyfriend had to work that day, so we didn’t get out of town until 6:00ish, and being November, darkness falls at 3:30 (okay, not quite that early, but it sure feels like it…) so, we didn’t get to stare in awe at the breathtaking views that just had to be there. But I digress…

Bright and early the next morning (or 10:30 whatever) we were on our way to Antelope Canyon. The drive from the hotel wasn’t long at all. Also, the price for a canyon tour wasn’t too bad. If memory serves, it was $25 a person. So, incredibly worth it. There are two canyon options. For this go round we chose Lower Antelope Canyon. I’m guessing something about the tour schedule is what led to that decision. And (surprise!) the other tour is Upper Antelope Canyon. The lower canyon is a little more narrow, and a bit darker. That’s the difference, we were told. One day we’ll find our way back there and I’ll report on the full differences once I’ve seen the upper canyon with my own eyeballs.

HERE’S A THING YOU SHOULD KNOW: You are required (repeat: required) to go through the canyons with a guide. There is a major flash flood danger in these parts. People have met with unpleasant deaths (is there a pleasant death?) due to ignoring a guide or not having a proper one. Because of that, it’s now required that an official Antelope Canyon guide take you on a tour. It’s also, sadly, worth mentioning that it’s important not to be an A-hole and listen to what they say.


We arrived at the canyon entrance, which was really confusing to me, because I didn’t see an “entrance”. It was easy to find the road to get there, and easy to spot the parking lot. It was even a piece of cake to get our tickets at the little booth. However, I was looking around suspiciously for some sort of trail, or maybe a jeep that was going to take us to the entrance. SOMETIMES I’M SO IGNORANT.

Our guide arrived, he was super duper cool, and we followed him down what looked like regular, albeit beautiful sandstone, ground. Then he led us down the tiny opening in the ground and we hiked downhill. Down and down, until we were in the canyon AND MY MIND WAS FREAKING BLOWN AWAY.

We get to the bottom and I see this:


Are you kidding me?! This was amazing! I was Indiana Jones on a quest for something awesome. People are going to write books about the beauty that was before me. My life was never going to be the same. This is the most extraordinary piece of nature I’ve ever seen.

Better take a picture with my phone.


So I did. And Boyfriend took a picture of me taking a picture. That’s how we do things.

In all seriousness though, this was one of the most wondrous things to ever behold. The guide leads you deeper into the canyon and it just keeps getting better.


Blown away, right?

The sandstone is gorgeous. They should design clothes to look like this. I’d wear them.


Oh! It gets even more adventurous! I know. I can hear you all thinking “but Kim, how can it get more thrilling than this?!” Well, trust me readers. It can, and it did. I present to you… the scary stairs.


LOOK AT THESE PEOPLE GOING DOWN THE SCARY STAIRS. They were steep, and not all of them had handrails. I felt like my life was in jeopardy. I had to summon all the courage that was in me (which is minimal to begin with) to climb down these steps of inevitable doom. I mean for reals. I was so scared. Boyfriend didn’t get why, but he’s used to me being the world’s biggest chicken, so he held my hand (like the good guy that he always is) and made sure I didn’t die. Which I appreciated. On one of the last sets of stairs he decided to document my bravery…


Look at me go!


Whew! I didn’t die.


(Blurry photo, please forgive that…)

I was really happy he took those, but I’m funny like that.

Anywho! There really weren’t THAT many stairs. It wasn’t strenuous in the least. The sand beneath our feet was soft, and there plenty of wall to hang on to, so all in all, the journey was pretty easy. Even for a baby such as myself.

So, once we reached as far as the guide would let us go, we turned around and got to see all of the awesomenss again. It was fantastic. Upon the climb out, I asked boyfriend to photograph the entrance/exit of the canyon. Just because it was so mind boggling to me that it was even there at all.


Behold! I present to you… THE CANYON THAT APPEARS AS IF FROM NOWHERE!! I’m not kidding. THAT’S the entrance. This tiny child is casually making her way out of that fantastic wonder of motha nature.

But! While looking through those photos… I found a little gem that is just too good not to share…


Not everyone makes it out of the canyon as easily as the tiny children do.

And that! is my report on Antelope Canyon. I cannot recommend it enough. You should all go.


Like, right now.


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