Big Sur




Big Sur California

Ever driven down California’s State Route 1? If you haven’t, add it to your bucket list this very moment.

I’ll wait while you do that.

Got it?


The above is just one of the views. There are pullouts all along the the route and each one is as GORGEOUS as the last. Truly breathtaking. 

TRAVELER TIP: Do your best to drive southbound. We drove from South to North, and it was slightly frustrating for Boyfriend to watch the road AND take in the views. It wasn’t horrible by any means, but we both agreed it would have been easier if we were driving southbound. Most of the view spots are on the West side of the road too, so it makes pulling over, and re-entering traffic, a gajillion times easier.

Anywho! This photo was taken on California State Route 1, in the area known as “Big Sur” which is one of the most phenomenal places I’ve ever been. I have a deep love of the ocean (get it? the ocean is deep? I’m very funny), especially the rocky coastal areas. So, this was a great sight.

If you enjoy a good road trip, this is one you have to take. 


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