Lehman Caves



THIS is where we spent last Saturday.


Oh, you should be.

Within Great Basin National Park, one can tour the gorgeous Lehman Caves. And, believe you me, if you live anywhere in the area, it is worth the drive. From Salt Lake City, it was about four hours (it shouldn’t take quite that long for most, however, we had to take a slight irrelevant detour). Let me tell you, that was one of the greatest investments of our time. Eight hours (four there and four back) was well spent for our 90 minute tour of these fantastic caverns.


I honestly thought we stumbled into a fantasy novel’s nightmare realm. But, like, in a good way. Trust me, it’s cool. We were there the perfect time of year, too. The snow is melting off the mountain, so it’s dripping in the cave. Not only was this filling up these lovely little crystal clear pools throughout the cave, it also gave it that extra special drippy sound effect I imagined a flawless cave should have.

Another super duper fun fact about Lehman Caves, are all the shield formations. According to Ranger Peter, our friendly park ranger guide, there have been over 1000 documented caves in the US of A, but under 100 of them have shield formations. Thus… LEHMAN CAVES IS SPECIAL AND DON’T YOU FORGET IT. Anywho, this particular shield formation below is huge and famous and is on a bunch of postcards in the gift shop (and I got these gorgeous photos with my celly-phone, because I’ve got mad skill)…


Aaaaaaaand close up!


Lehman Caves.

Great Basin National Park.

Hurry your little bums over there.

I cannot stop bragging about its wonder and awesomeness.


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