Wanderlust Wednesday 3.19.14


So I’ve decided that every Wednesday I’m going to post about a place we haven’t been, but are weeping inside (or out loud) because we’re DYING to go. This week…



I know… I know… It’s kind of cliche. Or, like 100% cliche. BUT I DON’T CARE. I can’t care. I won’t care! It’s beautiful, and fantastic, and magical, and one day we’ll go there and all will be right with the world!

On a calmer note: I’m a big fan of art. And a little gem known as The Louvre happens to reside in Paris. When we do make it there, it may be difficult for me to not spend the ENTIRE visit at this phenomenal palace of all things art and happiness. Man… We’re going to have to stay in Paris for at least a month in order for me to see all I want to see.


How could you NOT want to stand here?!

One day we’ll get there, and then I’ll write about it on this blog, and then you’ll all be so happy for me, and then everyone can live happily ever after.


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