The Grand Canyon


Here’s the thing about the Grand Canyon.

It’s Grand.

Silly, I know, but the entire time we were there the only thing I could say was “it’s just so GRAND!!”

It really is the grandest of canyons.


Can you find anything not grand about that?

Don’t bother, the answer is no. There is nothing boring, there is only fantastic.

We’re very fortunate to live in the part of the US of A where incredible wonders such as this are within driving distance. Arizona isn’t far from Utah, and Arizona kicks butt. Because, seriously, this is one of the most awesome sights to ever behold. Nothing will make you feel like a minuscule spec of a living thing faster than the Grand Canyon. And, not small in an “I’m insignificant” kind of way… more of an “I’m tiny, but I’m part of something huge and wondrous!!” kind of way.  I swear, when you breathe while you’re at the Grand Canyon, it feeds your soul, not just your lungs.

And there are so many colors! Not only the rock, but the sky! We were lucky to get a sunset shot on my cellyphone:


I was also double happy that we were there when it was winter. While I’m not a “winter sports” person, (people who know me personally would literally LOL at the mere thought of me trying to do any sport) I love the rain and snow. I really thought it was extra special to have snow on the ground for our visit. BONUS: it wasn’t scorching hot while we were hanging out, so having planned ahead, we were quite comfortable and not sweating our tushies off. No rump roasting on this trip!


You just can’t be mad while your at the Grand Canyon. It’s truly a wonder and I’m thrilled we got to see it with our very own eyeballs. We’ll be heading back there some day, as we only had one day to say “hi” to one of America’s most famous destinations. I’m very excited to see what we didn’t have time to see, and will of course, be sharing new Grand Canyon adventures with all of my friends here. Does anyone have a good Grand Canyon story? I feel like everyone who’s been, has a specific “story” to tell. Mine is: Boyfriend wanted a picture on a certain rock and I was too chicken to hop the safety railing and rock climb* to the “perfect photo” spot. (Isn’t that how people DIE??) so we settled for a, what I deemed, “safer” place, and now that picture is one of our Christmas ornaments. 

Anybody else have a Grand Canyon story?

*when I say “rock climb” I really mean walk down a slightly rocky, but pretty smooth, surface to a place over looking a seemingly infinite drop off that could easily cause my death. And, let me tell you… that is NOT how I want to go. 


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