Hearst Castle


There are a gajillion things to do in California. But I’m a bit biased, as I was born there (although, I don’t call myself a Californian, I moved to Utah before I was a year old, so I’m a Utahn or Utard, whichever you prefer).

On the central coast of California is THIS:


Hearst Castle

William Randolph Hearst and his Architect Julia Morgan built this gargantuan beauty, and by 1947 it had 165 Rooms. 165 GORGEOUS rooms. I’m not kidding you, every room in this place took my breath away.

There are a few tours to choose from. Grand Rooms, Upstairs Suites, Cottages and Kitchen, and an Evening Tour (which includes docents dressed in 1930’s period clothes walking about). We chose the Upstairs Suites tour, simply because that one included the library, and… I have a book problem. It was an incredible sight to say the least…


And that’s only half of it!

The other half had a fan on the ground. And, try as I might, the ugly, modern, very beige, fan insisted on photo-bombing every one of my shots. Rude.

Our tour also took us to the Gothic Study. OH MY FREAKING GOSH. This was my favorite room. Hands down. The very best. It was just… well, see for yourselves.


I almost wept. I didn’t want to continue the tour. I just wanted to sit in there and be happy.

Hearst Castle was just an incredible experience. Almost like walking into a real life Great Gatsby moment.

Can you imagine living in a place like this? Your view every morning would be this:


Sure… I think I could handle that.

A little hot out? How ’bout a swim?


TRAVELER TIP: Please don’t actually try to swim in the pool. This is technically a museum. And a State Park. SWIMMING BAD.

There’s also a second pool, which I’m told, may house the ghost of Marilyn Monroe. So… Keep your eyes open for her.


Amazing, no?

So here’s the breakdown:

Hearst Castle

Central Californian Coast

Tour price: $25 for adults $12 for children

Worth it? Worth every penny and then some. It’s magical and fantastical and unforgettable.


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