An Apology and Coffee Excitement.


I screw up a lot. Like, all the time. I usually learn something from my screw ups, though. This particular time I learned that for one to operate a travel blog one has to… ahem… travel.

So we did!

We took a little stroll on down to the bay area of California. And what a time it was! I do want to apologize to all of my lovely followers, though. I’m sorry I wasn’t around for a week or so to dazzle you with my mad blogging skills. I do hope you can forgive me… I’ll be posting properly about California later, worry not!

But first, I have to tell you about this thing I did.

Yes… Yes… I did a thing.

To preface this, I feel it’s important to inform you that I am a coffee lover.

“Lover” is a pretty subjective term, so let’s just say I need it. All the time.

To combat my road trip, middle of nowhere, coffee blues Boyfriend and I purchased a coffee maker for our car   and believe you me, it was a lifesaver! It plugs right into your cigarette lighter and BAM, 15 minutes later you’ve got your self a precious little pot of coffee.

I got a fresh coffee on I-80 in the middle of Nevada (and if you’ve ever driven that particular stretch of highway, you know there is little to NOTHING there).

Anywho, I was one happy little traveler. So happy in fact, I even shared my coffee with Boyfriend.



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