Why, hello! I’m Kim and I roam about with my one true love, also known as “Husband”. Right now home is Salt Lake City, Utah in the US of A and we’re pretty cozy here. But! We have a horrible case of wanderlust and break free when we can.

When not traveling, we can usually be found on the couch, snuggled up with our dogs watching a space documentary. Or, he’s building something while I’m writingΒ a book. My day job is authoring. You can find my work here (fairytale retellings, science fiction, and paranormal stuff, in case you were curious)

When not home, we travel within our area of the country. We prefer driving to flying, so we visit all sorts of natural wonders and beautiful cities we can find (sort of) nearby. We’ve trekked out to the East Coast a few times and hope to take to sea eventually.

Please feel free to comment on stuff you may like, or suggestions you may have. I like talking to people. You can follow me on Twitter (@authorkdreed) or Tumblr (http://authorkdreed.tumblr.com) I enjoy having internet friends! Thanks for stopping by!


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