Springtime in Vegas


As promised, I’m here to speak to you about Las Vegas. The party in the desert. An oasis in a sea of brown.

Flowers in the The Bellagio in Las Vegas Nevada

Boom! That’s what I’m talking about.

Flowers. Flowers everywhere. At least, in the Bellagio.

When in Vegas, I always make it a point to visit the conservatory just beyond the lobby inside the Bellagio. They change it seasonally, so there’s usually something new for me to see. This time, it was spring on steroids. Awesome. It smelled all flowery, there were gorgeous water features, and incredible botanical art pieces.


See?! And! There was a turtle…


It was just so lovely.

If you’re looking for a free thing to do, and need to escape the heat, head inside the Bellagio and relax in nature. Breathe in the zen and happy.

Bonus: Go through the hotel’s lobby. The blown glass sculpture is breathtaking. I get dizzy staring at it, and love it.

Blown glass art sculpture inside the Bellagio in Las Vegas Nevada

Art sculpture at the Bellagio in Las Vegas Nevada