9 Must-Have Camping Accessories You Don’t Already Own


Husband and I recently purchased our first camper trailer. It only made sense. We’ve been galavanting around from hotel room to hotel room, why not bring our room with us?


So we bought this Fun Finder trailer! More photos to come soon, but for now you can peruse its brochure, if you’re curious. It’s tiny, and cozy, and wonderful. We’re very excited for her “maiden voyage” so to speak. Just a couple more weeks…

In the mean time, I got a nice little promotional email from our friends at Ebay. 9 Must-Have Camping Accessories You Don’t Already Own. Naturally, I had to check that out! There were a few interesting items, a few head scratchers, and one or two possible must haves, at least for us.

I was a big fan of the portable propane coffeemaker. But then, I’m always drawn to anything coffee. Any who! Check it out and let me know of any other camping “must-haves” you know of!